Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Social Technologies Data Flow - Twitter and Instagram

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The data flow diagrams or system maps for the Department's Instagram and Twitter channels are similar to that of Facebook shown in the previous post - although the audiences and number of instances for both are currently much smaller.

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As before LastPass, two-factor authentication and Google Authenticator are used to manage the security of social media services.

Google Alerts and Hootsuite are used to track key hashtags and mentions. Hootsuite is used during live events.

Both the Instagram and Twitter mobile apps are used and these are signed into multiple accounts making it quick to monitor and share posts across accounts.

The Department's main Instagram is linked to the main Facebook account and Facebook Business Manager for Insights, advertising and invoicing.

Repost It! is used to share Instagram posts. InsTrack has some analytics to complement Instagram Insights and reports on gained and lost Instagram followers.

DashThis and are used for reporting analytics, live display (in 2017) and archiving as described in the previous post.

2017 challenges in this area are:
  • keeping up with the increase in Instagram accounts across the Department
  • reaching a larger employee Twitter audience during live events such as conferences and workshops (approx. 25% of employees have signed up to Twitter)
  • integrating Instagram and Twitter with the Department's Yammer presence.

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