Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spreading my social media wings

I've decided to learn about some new social media services. Across the department Facebook has become well established while Twitter and LinkedIn are catching up fast. YouTube and FlickR are well used but for the distribution of content rather than participative engagement.

However in general, the proportion of students using these services to engage with the department is low. It's not that they aren't using Facebook it's just that "Facebook is for connecting with mum, dad and other older people."

So a few months ago I signed up to SnapChat, Instagram, Seene and a few other services to experience their diverse digital media, rich sub-cultures and Terms of Service.

Instagram appears to have the greatest unrealised potential as far as the department is concerned particularly with the use of 15 sec video.

Whe social experience for these services is almost entirely based in the mobile app it's possible to embed  objects in pages such as this blog. (However your browser may not agree - I've had the most success loading this page with Chrome.)
A video posted by Roger Stack (@regor2013) on
Seene is a service that provides the beginnings of a very engaging 3D photo environment that may have particular application in education. (Move you mouse over the picture.)

A key element with the new social media services that I've been playing with is that media is quick to capture, display and comment on. Another is that they are very creative and engaging visual experiences.

The positive supportive communities that I have joined have encouraged me to improve my creations, inspired me to try new things and celebrated my progress.