Thursday, January 5, 2017

Social Technologies Data Flow - Google +

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The Google search engine prioritises Google+ content if it exists. The Department has created Google+ pages for all schools so that key information such as contact, phone, hours, web sites and branded photos appear in search results. As you can see from the 2016 data below there was significant engagement with the Google+ content appearing in Google search results.
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Google My Business is used to manage our 220 Google+ pages and GPS locations were uploaded via a CSV file. In 2017 we plan to add some 360 photos via the Google Street View mobile app to assist users to find school offices and other key facilities.

Google Maps and Google My Maps are used to add map layers and additional content which are saved in Google Drive - as well as providing direction to events and planning itineraries.

2017 challenges:

A few schools customise their Google+ page and this is expected to increase during 2017. For this reason we are now planning to supplement Google+ Insights with analytics from DashThis. We will also begin to archive Google+ pages during 2017 using

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