Friday, January 13, 2017

Social Technologies Data Flow - Photos and Graphics

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Photos and graphics is the final topic in this series of data flow / systems diagrams for our Department of Education social technologies services.

Photos and graphics are captured or designed from a wide variety of sources using many devices.

Editing is done through the Adobe Creative Suite for desktop and mobile - plus a wide range of other apps - increasingly on mobile devices.

Photos and graphics are processed, tagged, checked for permission to publish and licensed using the AusGOAL Creative Commons copyright licencing framework.

It is hoped that AI deep learning technology will take over some of the burden of tagging and searching thousands of images in our libraries over the next couple of years (eg automatic image tagging in iPhotos, flickr, Facebook, Google images which has developed rapidly since 2015).

Photos and graphics are published in both traditional media and social media.

Dropbox is frequently used to move digital assets between apps and devices. An increasing number of images are taken and edited on mobile devices and shared to social media.

Different photo libraries are maintained in Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, flickr and Google photos for different purposes and audiences.

Interactive panorama require specialist software and hosting.

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