Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Role, New Institution - Same Desk

I have a new management role for 2009 - in a new institution, the 'Tasmanian Polytechnic' - with new colleagues - at the same desk :-)

My yet to be confirmed role is a 'Flexible Learning Facilitator'. The main duties listed in the draft position description are:

  • Facilitate the provision of library and learning services across the state...
  • Provide a resource development service for teachers...
  • Develop and implement programs which foster the use of online learning... by all polytechnic teachers
  • Liaise with Shared Services re the provision of appropriate technical support and equipment for teaching teams and students.

The position should be confirmed in the next week or so.

In the meantime much has been happening to set up the infrastructure for the two new statewide institutions that will replace Hobart College at Mt Nelson and a number of other year 11/12 college and TAFE campuses around the state - the Tasmanian Polytechnic, the Tasmanian Academy and Training Tasmania. The legislation to set up these institutions has recently passed through parliament and students have enrolled.

I had some good meetings with TAFE colleagues early in the year and am looking forward to meeting many again soon at a state Tasmanian Polytechnic workshop. In the interim regular updates on progress have been made available.

Physical signage on campuses will change in January so I've been making a list of the needed digital signage changes. This is no small task because in addition to our website and portal Hobart College has a presence on Flickr, YouTube, delicious, MySpace, Facebook, hosted Moodle, Blogger, Second Life, Google Earth, various hosted wikis...

Time to get out the digital paintbrush.