Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Imagining the Polyverse

More thoughts on the virtual campus...

A virtual campus that connects students/teachers/mentors/community and provides opportunities for engaged learning, creative innovation and active citizenship will have

  • learning & training spaces - wide range of supportive learning environments
  • design & innovation hubs - stimulating creativity and facilitating innovative research and development
  • social & professional spaces - social commons, performances and exhibitions
The virtual campus will be designed and built by students/teachers/support staff/mentors/community to nurture and inspire the whole person - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Educational processes will enable holistic learning and assessment, encourage self-directed learning and focus on the principles of adult learning for the post year 10 sector.

The virtual campus will

  • organise the online environment for easy navigation
  • provide for learner, teacher and subject centric education as required
  • connect the local to the global, the physical to the virtual, the personal to the institutional
  • be playful and surprising, user created and allow user customisation
  • adapt to change and be proactive with agile development

The virtual campus will be built, serviced and accessed through a diverse range of evolving technologies meeting the needs of learners, teachers and the wider community - a kind of poly-meta-verse or 'polyverse'.

How do we integrate different services to provide users with a coherent and navigable online experience of the polyverse?

How do we build the polyverse so that it is meaningfully and usefully accessible through a range of devices? And in what ways can we blend the physical and virtual environments so that each provides windows and ports to the other?