Friday, January 13, 2017

Droning On - Part 1: Introduction

I'm going to learn how to use a drone - and blog about my journey.

Immersive and interactive media are raising user expectations for a richer and more meaningful visual experience. Images and videos taken with drones are part of this change.

I've just taken delivery of a DJI Mavic Pro drone - or RPA (remotely piloted aircraft).

CASA released updated guidelines for the recreational use of drones/RPAs in Australia late last year.

Just before Christmas Flight safety Australia published Dirty Dozen: 12 ways your drone can land you in trouble so it's not just a matter of unpacking a drone and taking to the skies.

The DJI Mavic Pro at 1.6kg  is classed by CASA as a 'very small RPA (100g - 2kg).
CASA has an eLearning module for the 'sport, recreational or educational' use of 'very small RPAs/drones.

CASA eLearning Module

Now it was time to read the DJI Mavic Pro documentation and unpack the drone.

The DJI Mavic website has a collection of promotional and tutorial videos which were very useful while reading the user manual and unpacking the drone.

Once propellers had been attached  (matching propellers to the correct motor - white circle marks) and the remote controller prepared to was time to charge the batteries.

Attaching propellers and charging batteries
There was plenty of time for more reading and videos while the devices were charging.

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