Thursday, October 6, 2016

Managing Social Technologies

Social technologies have been described as a 'third platform' comprised of social media, mobile computing, data analytics and cloud computing services. (Gartner, IDC) I'm increasingly finding this to be a useful framework.

Many organisations are moving to a more mature and strategic use of social media, mobile computing and cloud services informed by careful use and analysis of data and analytics generated by these services.

Staff and students are finding it relatively easy to create online social and learning networks for sharing, collaboration and advocacy using social technologies. However social technologies bring risks as well as agility, innovation and opportunities for creativity.

Privacy, security, ownership and control of social technologies must be understood to minimise the risks and maximise the potential benefits. Creative Commons licensing, information management and account/password management become important tools and processes.

I'm looking forward to a rewarding journey of digital transformation as we strategically navigate this space while focussing on organisational priorities to innovatively deliver key outcomes.

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