Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teachers as Entrepreneurs

What educational environments encourage entrepreneurial teachers?

This is the question prompted by Yong Zhao's talk that I attended today.
If you missed it here's a similar presentation at an AITSL event:

Yong spoke at length about the environments that might encourage students as entrepreneurs.
The focus was very much student centred and presented a "new paradigm" for education.

Over the last few years I've encountered good examples in our education system of entrepreneurial teachers operating with students and the wider community within this 'new paradigm' outlined by Yong. (Even though Yong might challenge that assertion.)

I've also noticed however that these teachers often lacked confidence in telling their story, or felt unsupported by colleagues or "the system".

What kind of environments might support teachers as entrepreneurs?
Are they similar to those outlined by Yong Zhao to encourage students as entrepreneurs?

Systemic change involves change and risk at all levels.

How do we connect and support isolated students and teachers and managers and support staff so that entrepreneurialship becomes more recognised and supported?

I've downloaded Zhao's recent publication World Class Learners as an ebook to see what he might have to say about cultivating a future 'new paradigm' that I believe is already here - it's just not widely distributed.

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