Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Social Semantics

Web 3.0 Conference  #web3conf

Day 1 notes:
  • Web 3.0 (semantic web) - not clearly defined - eg Using machine agents to mine large volumes of data to drive personalisation and engagement...

  • 90% people trust peer recommendations
  • RoI - Return on Involvement
  • Flat World Navigators - connectors and collaborators
  • provide a rapid and authentic response to incidents
  • SM SLA 30 min acknowledgement and 1-2 hr response
  • respectfully engage critics - could become powerful allies
  • "Tell us what you...."
  • Use analytics
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device - and any service
  • Google Now
  • Generation C: Curation, Creation, Connection, Community
  • New experiences drive engagement
  • Staff should be your first level SM network
  • Respect platform technology and community
  • Know which memes are trending and consider participating
  • Publish hashtags
  • Consider creating non-branded pages
  • Consider moving front page conversations to another page
  • Aim for virality - not just likes
  • SM is a great way to source content
  • platform providers can be liable
  • once you know take it down
  • you must monitor your channels
  • you need a SM policy
  • SM is not a private conversation
  • staff should understand privacy settings
  • set house rules
  • don't over-react
  • video can be a very effective response
  • don't say "no comment"
  • understand and groom 'Brand Me'
  • monitor SM because people are probably talking about you

Deloitte - Digital Disruption, Short Fuse, Big Bang (Education: Longer fuse, Big Bang)
Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

  • Provide staff with better access to analytics
  • Recognise, network and facilitate our connectors and collaborators
  • Celebrate game changers
  • Shift mission visitors to discovery and inspiration
  • Connect 'my learning' to my friends
  • Strategic development of learning and working community ecosystems
  • Research learning recommender systems
  • Engage student resource
  • Staff need SM confidence and competence - understand privacy settings
  • Develop a content strategy for department pages
  • Teach staff how to capture and share content
Day 2 notes:
  • Can staff understand your SM policy? Can it be summarised in 3 words?
  • 88% of media interaction in Oz is now via a screen
  • TV --> 'social TV'
  • Authentic engagement - look for passion points, capture new perspectives, curate audience content, keep it real
  • Sharing for social currency - create/re-use content that people will want to share - 'ditch the pitch'
  • Co-create SM moments that matter - own the moment
  • Gen C resonates with talent heroes
  • Smart data = data + Analytics
  • Semantic data = data + semantic web
  • Semantic web = assigns properties to every resource
  • Linked open data = exposes relationships between data --> serendipitous connections
  • RDF = Resource Description Framework
  • Express your purpose through SM
  • Find meaningful roles in peoples lives
  • People watch how you help other clients
  • What is your emotional brand purpose? And how will you bring that to life in SM?
  • Online visitors often just want to get business done - put customer contact number on SM
  • Policy is not enough - staff training
  • Consider monitoring staff wellbeing through SM
Semantic Tools
  • DBpedia - wikiipedia for machines to read
  • Scheme.org gives types and properties to assign semantic metadata (microdata) to your web
  • Insi.org gives unique identifiers for people
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing searching is semantic web enabled
  • Some CMSs support adding microdata
Outcome - machine discoverable (RDF) linked information



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