Monday, May 20, 2013

The Freedom of Lockdown

Lastpass promises to be "the last password you need to remember".

I joined a few years ago but it was only a few weeks ago that I started to use it seriously.
And it's only since then that I've reaped the rewards...
  • yes - far fewer passwords to remember....  and also
  • improved passwords - all now random (and different for every account)
  • faster logins - saving me a great deal of time logging in
  • increased security with two-factor authentication
  • simplicity with multiple identities for my different roles
  • easy access across multiple mobile devices
While this may sound like an advert for Lastpass it really just advertises my naivety in having so many 'clever' passwords that I couldn't really manage. I got a 'Very Poor' security rating across some important services and gateways.

As our organisation moves to make informed use of a wide range of externally provided online services it's important to remember basic security principles to protect identity and information.

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