Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feeding a Tablet

Presenting Department news, photos, videos as a dynamic glossy online magazine turned out to be easy.

This has been one of the advantages of integrating the new DoE website with selected social media channels that can be displayed through free apps such as Flipboard on tablet computers.

For this to work the end user with a tablet computer needs either the URLs of these channels or to have subscribed to (or 'liked') them. We currently use the following services:

  • Blogger for:
    • Ministerial Media Releases
    • Department of Education Media Releases
    • Department of Education News
  • YouTube for:
    • Department of Education videos
    • Partner or student videos
  • FlickR for:
    • Department of Education photos
    • Project photos
  • Twitter for
    • News feeds

They look great on Flipboard as an interactive one-stop-shop e-zine.

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