Monday, July 23, 2012

Policy Delivered on Tablets

The rapid uptake and use of tablet computers, particularly the iPad, across schools and in the wider community has prompted an investigation into how they might be used with the new Internet. Initial testing has indicated that Internet browser access on the iPad should work well. But tablet (iPad/iOS and Android) computers offer other interesting possibilities.

New documents being access through the Bookshelves App.
Reading for the Vision Impaired: On the iPad any PDF link in a browser can be opened in the iBooks App. The advantage of this is that the iPad's VoiceOver accessibility option will read the document very clearly.

Live Sync with DropBox: The Bookshelves App will synchronise with a number of online services including DropBox. When new or updated documents are placed in the linked DropBox folder they will automatically appear in the Bookshelves App when the iPad next goes online through wireless or 3G.

PDF Reader Functionality: A number of PDF reader apps are available that provide a number of functions in addition to those available in iBooks or Bookshelves. For example the Adobe Reader App allows:
  • document annotation
  • completion of eForms
  • navigation through PDF bookmarks
  • electronic ink signature
There are some exciting opportunities here that warrant further exploration.

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