Friday, July 20, 2012

In Good Form

One of the document types being considered are forms. Both staff and the public now have an expectation of being able to complete a from online or print it. Current forms vary in quality and functionality so I've been learning how to design eforms.

An eForm being completed on an iPad
I've discovered that Adobe Acrobat Pro X has a form wizard - and it's magic! It will
  • create a form from an existing Word document
  • fields can be customised
  • simple calculations can be automated
  • a signature can be added
The resultant form can be completed on an iPad (or other tablet) using the Adobe Reader app - and then submitted via email or printed.

I've also discovered that several form management options are available in Acrobat Pro X and at Adobe Form Central. Something to consider in strategic planning down the track.

A recent delay of a few weeks in the launch of the new DoE Internet caused by the need to upgrade server performance to meet anticipated user demand will allow some additional time for this to be further investigated.

In the meantime a 'light' eform solution that provides forms that can be completed fully or partly online looks like a possible option.

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