Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Smiling :-)

I've been asked how I feel about the new changes associated with the Polytechnic.

I realise I'm now feeling very positive. I think it's something that has crept up on me.

"Why?" I'm asked.

Good question - possibly because:
  • I recognise and appreciate the huge effort many are making to get things working in difficult circumstances.

  • I do what I can and work around what I can’t.

  • I seize opportunities in the confusion of change.

  • I manage my own time and resources as much as I can.

  • I document and dialogue my progress.

  • I see 2009 as a bridge to somewhere else.

  • I hear and tell new stories about what is and what will be.

  • I see students and staff smiling.

Does that mean everything is rosy? Not at all.

But I've relaxed into the uncertainty... let go of what used to be (well mostly)... and built new relationships.

And people are starting to smile :-)


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