Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blended Campus Tour

Here is a Google Earth Tour that you can download (unzip and open in Google Earth) that visits each campus in the Tasmanian Polytechnic for 2009 - including our vitual world locations in Second Life.

Or you can watch the video of the tour below - it includes scenes from Island Campus and Jokaydia Campus in Second Life. The Jokadia Campus has been cleared of last year's projects in readiness for 2009 - although there is a crocodile by the water... and look out for some some seals and a turtle just off shore.

If you have an avatar come and visit... here is the Jokaydia SLURL.

Second Life has many educational uses and some large international educational communities. A number of flexible learning projects will use Second Life in 2009 that were planned and tested in 2008.

Students over 18 will be using Jokaydia and the Polytechnic Island while those under 18 years of age will use Skoolaborate - a secure virtual world used by schools and colleges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Click to play - and watch the high quality version - link under video.