Sunday, September 6, 2015

Educators and photographers loving their work

Clint and Bethanie capture 2015 RBF Award Finalist Hannah Keir.

It's been a real pleasure interviewing RBF Award Finalists in schools across Tasmania this week. Seeing the passion and commitment of teachers, support staff, school business managers, principals and volunteers is inspiring and uplifting.

Not only award finalists but many others we met also clearly love their work, their students, and helping students learn and grow. We saw many examples of positive and respectful staff-student relationships such as students hi-fiving a principal on her rounds, year 10 students supporting their nervous teacher during a video interview and students bringing gifts for busy teachers.

Photographers Clint and Bethanie also love their work. They quickly relax nervous subjects in front of the lenses and are not phased by the unexpected during interviews or when visiting classrooms.

2015 RBF Award Finalist Sarah Baker

Schools are full of inspirational stories and it's been great to hear just a few that we can take to a wider audience over the next couple of months.

Photos used with permission.

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