Saturday, March 3, 2012

The LMS in a 2012 DLE

Where does the LMS sit in 2012? The need to consider post WebCT options, cuts to budget and IT support, student and teacher preferences, changes in learning and 'delivery', new national VET eLearning agenda... has led us to explore a more organic and distributed learning environment.

Yesterday Joyce Seitzinger in her post The LMS as a mixing panel for social learning touched on other drivers that have also contributed to the development of a new project that will provide an integrated range of online learning services for staff and students in 2012.

The following 6 min video describes the stage 1 implementation of this project that has just begun.

Will this model give us the agility we need to continuously co-create the online learning services that are required to 2015 and beyond?
Will this model be effective and sustainable?


Derek said...

I like the simplicity of your conceptual model here, Roger. Aligns really well with thinking I did a little while ago, and which underpins the work I do in schools and tertiary institutions now. You may like to check out a couple of my past blog posts with diagrams that are more complex than yours, but which attempt to create a similar conceptual understanding:
Really appreciated the simple explanation on the movie - and the fact that this is describing an actual implementation in your polytech. I hope it continues to go well for you there - and look forward to reading any updates on how the implementation goes.

Roger Stack said...

Thanks Derek - albeit a little belatedly...

I certainly have checked out your conceptual frameworks - in fact they have informed my thinking and planning for a few years :-)