Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Game on for Learning

Panorama of AppV Games on

Today 60 students were playing networked games as part of the Enrichment Program on the Elizabeth Campus thanks to dedicated problem solvers in ICT Services. Simon and Rob (pictured far left and centre - they were moving fast...) used MS Application Virtualisation (App-V) to deploy 60 instances of legal games across normal student networked computers.

The beauty of this is that the games don't affect the other software running on the network or network performance. While playing the games students have no access to the internet and play time can be controlled centrally.

The test run today proved it worked brilliantly! Game-based learning environments have been used on various campuses before for

  • developing literacy, numeracy and communication skills
  • digital story telling
  • machinima (movies made 'in-world')
  • modding (building games using commercial game engines)
  • character design, AI and scripting
  • 3D design and terraforming
  • problem solving and system thinking skills

Today's session was just about fun and the doors had to be closed after the first 60 students arrived leaving many disappointed!

Simon and Rob's work will mean that ICT Shared Services can provide similar engaging learning environments across all campuses into the future.


Robin Petterd said...

So what games being played ?

Blowke said...

Hi Roger
Great to see other campuses undertaking this approach. We used a similar approach last semester (09) where we ran a 6 week introduction to game design module using the UnrealEd tournament engine. Maps students created in class were put under a range of tests by students from both our Digital Media and Graphic Design. Similar to your example we found it to be very popular. I have given my Diploma group a challenge to come up with a plan where we can involve students from other campuses in a range of game play scenarios. I would like to explore these options further.
John Andrius